Hi, I’m Yuvi and this is my personal web site. I am a second year student at an Engineering College in Chennai, and I code for fun and (sometimes) profit. I write stories when bored in class, and dabble a bit in Photography and Graphic Design.

Python is my primary language now. But it wasn’t my first – I had a long fling with .NET before this, and stil flirt around with a lot of languages and environments. My first serious apps were data collectors and web scrappers.

I owned an awesome Canon PowerShot S3, which sadly passed away after taking ~47,000 pictures, several hours of video and quite a lot of rather rough usage.

Egoistical Biography

Written in the third person during a rather boring and dull class

Started coding at 9, writing C programs with Turbo C to ‘impress’ people with his own header files, rudimentary BGI graphics and music with sound(), delay() and nosound(). His magnum opus at age 11 was a game of Book Cricket, the source of which was sadly lost in a networking accident.

Introduced to VB6 at 12 by a freak syllabus change, he was immediately hooked by the ease with which you can change textbox colors in a single line of code. A year of really horrible code followed, until the book Hardcore Visual Basic turned up in the MSDN CDs stolen from his cousin Sudar. It taught him pointers and stuff about OOP. His code still sucked.

And then the class ended.