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Emotional Blackmail

Potential trigger warning

I keep trying to tell myself “People are not evil. They are just doing the best they can with what they have”. But then I’ve to read shit like this, and I’m not so sure anymore.

Growing up to lose respect for people you considered heros is a horrible thing. Friends don’t let friends fall prey to emotional blackmail.

Autosuggest for Tamil in Android Keyboard

Screenshot of Tamil autocomplete

Screenshot of Autosuggest working in Tamil on my variant of the Android keyboard. I’ve been working on this on and off for the last few months (this is also my final year project in college). I’ve ported all of the jQuery.IME languages to work on the keyboard natively.

Now experimenting with Autosuggest. It only needs an appropriate dictionary now and we’ll be good to go. Currently I’m getting Autosuggest working only on Tamil, but the plan is to get it to work for all Indian languages. The method I am using (convert everything back to latin chars, then do autocorrect / autosuggest) means it should be trivial to extend to any transliteration based input method.

Wheeee! This is very much a simple ‘celebratory’ post. Will blog actual details soon.

Wikipedia has a new Favicon!

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but over the last few days Wikipedia has a new Favicon – featuring (according to the commit message), “Multi-resolution, new render, rounded corners, very confused and angry graphic designer” :)

New Favicon:
Wikipedia new Favicon

Old Favicon:

Looks much nicer when not on a light background.

Remembering the dead

Potential trigger warning

Like if you ask three separate groups of Canadian households how much they’ll pay to save two thousand, twenty thousand, or two hundred thousand birds from dying in oil ponds, the three groups will respectively state that they’re willing to pay seventy-eight, eighty-eight, and eighty dollars. No difference, in other words. It’s called scope insensitivity. Your brain imagines a single bird struggling in an oil pond, and that image creates some amount of emotion that determines your willingness to pay. But no one can visualize even two thousand of anything, so the quantity just gets thrown straight out the window.

–¬†HPMOR on Scope insensitivity

2013 Boston Marathon bombing

List of wars by death toll

Iraq Body Count

Leading causes of preventable death worldwide

6 million children dying of hunger every year

4 kids dead every minute in India just from preventable diseases

As brion mentioned on IRC a while ago, us humans aren’t really doing that good, are we?

I feel helpless and crushed. I am helpless and crushed. But not as much as the 20 kids who died in this country while I was writing this post.

Greatest Fear

A lot of people confuse being physically alone with being lonely. Not even remotely close to being the same thing.


Mediawiki has a number of humorous bug reports, though not as many as I’d like. Still, they’re quite funny.

I think my favorites are the request for RESOLVED MURDERED, the real reason why MediaWiki runs on MySQL, someone asking where the community consensus is to stop Volcanoes exploding, offers of shamanic help, a ground breaking report on US Government corruption, and a warning about zoning laws required for shipping Ponies,

Leaving ICICI Bank

I’m going to be moving all my cash off ICICI and on to… somewhere else (undecided) ASAP.

They have paste disabled everywhere, by placing onpaste=”return false” on all their text elements. I know that this is easily fixable, so let me open inspector by right cli-oh!

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 6.39.54 AM

Well, no matter – I can simply use a short cut. Once getting rid of the frustrating onpaste, I found this in the HTML right below it:

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 6.40.28 AM


I have spent far too much time in the company of people who set in motion the process that results in stuff like this (and their blinking ‘NEW!’ gifs), and I’m not going to be anywhere near where they are.

Now to find a Bank that hires less incompetent people…

Update: For good measure, they’ve now locked me out of the account, so a good part of my cash is now locked in there. Should go the physical location asap and transfer all of it out.




Puppy pregnancy syndrome

Today’s share of well sourced but WTF wikipedia article is the Puppy pregnancy syndrome, a psychosomatic illness in humans that makes them believe that they’re pregnant with a puppy.

Onion on Mass Shootings in the US

I do love the Onion Channel on Youtube.

Death by toilet

I will start posting amusing but fairly well sourced wiki articles here occasionally.

Starting with the article on Toilet related deaths & injuries. I love the caption for the photograph :)

Also has fun part about how Elvis probably died. Highly recommended read :)

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