MonthFebruary 2013

Open License everything!

Should have done this a while back. Added a CC BY mark to the blog. Will add a notice to the front page as well, stating that all media I produce (when not bound to someone else’s copyright) is CC BY. I think code is already taken care of, but I’ll add a note here saying that all code I release (unless explicitly licensed otherwise) is CC0 Licensed.

Now to actually produce something of value…

(Thanks to Ironholds for the push)


Immortality of Youth

Reading this blog post from Wesley CrusherWil Wheaton reminded me first of my visit to the beach a few hours before Cyclone Nilam hit landfall (at the Thiruvanmiyur Beach). The fact that I couldn’t stand in one place (wind) and was constantly being attacked by sand – it was exhilarating.

The blog post also reminded me of how much I mis-treat my body. I’m surprised I’m not bedridden, immovable and with a host of diseases. Trading health for a wealth of incredible stories.

Immortality of youth, or plain old luck. Hopefully I’ll wisen up before either of them run out.

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