MonthOctober 2012

Happiness #1

Happiness is fixing a bug with no obvious cause with a one liner and pushing it out to five million people with wonderful support from a team sitting halfway across the world :-)

Red Eye flight

I am not a fan of red eye flights. Nobody is

I have one tomorrow. Which brings up the question – do I stay up, or go to sleep and risk not waking up in time?

I am going to stay up. Let’s see how that goes :-)

Wretched City

There has been no power here since yesterday night.

I have a million other reasons to not like Chennai. And scarce few reasons to like it.

I need to get out of here. As soon as I can.

Neglect and Sorrow

SumaStorm was my desktop computer. She died a slow, silent and agonizing death over the past few months, which came to light only today. Due to my neglect, she is dead today.

I built SumStorm with my own hands, bought with my own money (thanks to several amazing people on the web) when I was 16 or so. It felt amazing when I first booted it up. It felt amazing when I maxed out all its cores running distcc with my netbook. It felt amazing that I could run Photoshop in a Win7 VM on Ubuntu and not feel a stutter.

It was an amazing machine.

I felt horrible when I realized the extent of the damage the rats had done. This must be how kid feel when the pet dog they grew up with dies. When run over by a tank. Which the kid was driving.

I did not know I could be this attached to a machine. It turned out to be a very emotional few hours.

RIP SumaStorm. I’m sorry.

Staying on the bleeding Edge

I’m blogging from (one of the many) browsers on this Raspberry Pi. Testing setting it up to do slideshows during JSFoo 2012.


I am now editing this blog post from my new Nexus 7.


I am a few years behind the curve on this. Last year was spent slogging my ass out at a wonderful startup and travelling to a lot of places meeting and working with some wonderful people. Left very little time for staying on the bleeding edge.

Changing that fast – trying to produce useful stuff while also staying close to the bleeding edge. Fun times ahead :-)

House painters of Programming

> We’re the Michelangelos of the great age of machine intelligence which is yet to come. We’re sketching out how it’s all going to look. We’re at the forefront of solving incredible problems and creating magical devices. – DanielBMarkham

If there’s a great age of machine intelligence to come, then one in a million of us may be a Michelangelo. The rest of us are house-painters, and the houses we paint are slated for demolition within our own lifetimes. – Lagged2Death

I’ll try not to be a house painter.

A Vague Sense of Order, No Sense of Purpose

Earlier this month I spent a couple of days as a ‘guest’ at Infosys Mahindra City (district finals for Aspirations 2020 – a TopCoder style programming competition). Interesting experience.

No laptops allowed. No storage devices either. Cameras are okay, but “please don’t take pictures”. Phones are okay too. The usual complimentary grope as you enter. Random security guards ask “Where is your ID card?” at random times. Buses bringing in hordes of people. Couples being couply in food courts. Reasonably good food. Formal clothes, without regard to the weather.  Everyone smiles when talking (unless they’re security guards). Respectful deference to hierarchical authority (with a big smile & explicit announcements of gratefulness). Unlocked cycles to travel around the campus.

A vague sense of order, but no sense of purpose.

This is what people are trying to (and mostly succeeding) in making Engineering ‘education’ resemble. If you’ve made peace with how engineering colleges are, you’ll feel completely at home at Infosys. Accident?

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