MonthOctober 2011

3 reasons why people join ‘IT companies’

Source: Friend of mine who is sadly ‘training’ at a big ‘IT company’ now (He wishes to remain anonymous, and I could see why)

  1. Because everyone else did
  2. Because parents told
  3. Because it will be very sophisticated and relaxing there, with lots of recreational facilities

I’m just going to leave this here, and hope that when this boom does bust, it doesn’t leave too many dead bodies in its wake.

Our Greatest Fear – ‘Flash and Fade’

HP:MOR is an awesome fanfic that anyone intent on improving themselves should read. It’s a bit like HHG2G – you don’t read for the storyline (which is jumbled) but for the characters, wit, rationality and humor. Quite a few of those things hit very close to home – if you are a geek, they would perhaps to you too. Highly reccomended.

Of the many quotable parts of that book, here’s one little nugget I found:

[…] the simplest explanation for this unverbalizable fear of yours is just the fear of losing your fantasy of greatness, of disappointing the people who believe in you, of turning out to be pretty much ordinary, of flashing and fading like so many other child prodigies..
– The Sorting Hat, Ch 10, HP:MOR

A few friends were discussing this a while ago, and I think this phrase succinctly explains our greatest fear.

Here is to hoping that I don’t just ‘flash and fade’ :)

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