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Blogging From Under The Table During Class

One of the major advantages of my netbook is that I can actually use it in class, under the desk – and most staff won’t notice ;) And even if they do, I can easily and neatly close the lid, put it in standby and become innocent good boy :D

I’ve zoned out from what’s happening in class a long time back. I just looked up, and it’s something I really do like (withheld to protect the name of subject). It’s being taught in a ‘marks-oriented’ way – “You need to write this for this much marks, and that for that much mark. Don’t you dare to miss this line, then YOU WILL GET ZERO MARKS!’. I look around. Most people are either texting others, or dutifully copying down what is being written on the board (which itself is copied from some TextBook). I zone out again.

8 hours a day. Waking up everyday at an ungodly 6 AM. Around 2 Lakhs not counting auxillary expenses. 2 hour commute that makes you wish you were dead, after giving you an awful back pain. A huge set of lessons in politics.

I wonder what I’m getting out of this. What anybody is getting out of this.

Running ArchLinux

I’m blogging from Arch Linux :D

I’ve been meaning to setup Arch on my netbook for a while, after hearing a lot of people rave about how awesome pacman is and how fast their system is. I didn’t want to spend time on moving to a new distro during my GSoC, so I kept putting it off. Yesterday Ubuntu borked on my netbook for some weird reason (I suspect it was my friend Rathna sitting on it, but might have been because I was thinking of moving to Vim too) – and I took the opportunity to install Arch. After some messing around, and some help from #archlinux, I was able to get myself a commandline that also connected to the Internet via wifi. Yay!

I tried out LXDE first, instead of my usual GNOME – and found that it was incredibly unpolished (compared to GNOME). So after a bit of a struggle (AND READING DOCS! (and yes, my problem was dbus)), I got a minimal (very application-less) GNOME up and running. And yes, it is way faster. And yes, the packages are newer (and shinier!). And #archlinux was helpful :)

I’ve had to (understand and) edit a fair amount of config files to get myself a working system. It’s been a fun and informative journey – and I expect it will continue to be. My entire Linux experience so far has been with Ubuntu (hell, even the server I administer runs Ubuntu!), so coming to this world of required-and-encouraged config file editing is doing me good :)

I’m enjoying it :) If you’re a geek who loves fast text scrolling on an LCD (and you also have the time), you too would.

Ihave a motorbike!

So, I now have a motorbike!

It’s a Bajaj Platina, and bought off GSoC money from my cousin Sudar. I’ve been learning to ride for a while, and it’s been good. Had my first accident a while back, and started riding again a few days back.

I’m still very conscious about riding. I still think before clutching, braking, changing gears, etc. It hasn’t been internalized in the same way typing on a Keyboard has been – with enough practice (and accidents!) I guess I’ll be able to just ‘think’ left and make my bike go left. Focus is also a major issue right now – I’ve to consciously keep reminding myself to check for everything on the road – it doesn’t quite come automatically yet. Enough time should fix this too.

So far I’ve logged about 12 km on the bike – and should be doing more pretty soon. The Platina is no performance bike – but it will solve my major problem of walking the last mile when using public transport. Will try posting more up-to-date ‘bike logs’ whenever I make significant trips.

Will post pictures when I have a decent camera – which should also be not far off.

Note: Real Bikers – don’t sneer. I’m just a noob :)

The End of GSoC 2010

Google Summer of Code ended a while back. Me (and most on #gsoc) agreed on one thing – WHERE DID THOSE 3 MONTHS GO? Amazing time it was – thanks to _ke (Who is frolicking somewhere in Thailand right now), fargiolas and the rest of the GNOME guys (#clutter, #gstreamer and #gtk+ yay!) for making it awesome. #hackers-india was a great venting place too :)

Cheese‘s master needs quite a bit of work before it can be included in GNOME 3.0 – and I plan on doing most of that. It’s fun – demoing it at college is a huge hit. Looks like eventually, my original goal for Cheese might be met ;)

Right now, I’m decompressing, and basically not doing anything at all – except getting a bike, and sorting out some personal issues. Should be back coding (and blogging) soon. Have a huge post on GSoC experience coming up.

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