MonthJanuary 2010

First Binary Dream

I had my first ever dream in binary today.

The cycle moved like this:

Borg -> nanoprobes -> a scene in Minority Report when nanobots go around looking for John Anderton (Tom Cruise), who was hiding in a bathtub full of water -> Will Smith and his Dog cuddling in a bathtub in I am Legend -> the climax of I am Legend when Will Smith blows himself up to save the others -> A column of binary numbers came up, showing state of Will Smith as ‘SAD’ AND MSB FLIPPED TO ZERO, and then he has this epiphany (Realization of God Moment) and becomes ‘HAPPY’ and the MSB FLIPS TO ONE.

WTF? Shouldn’t he be sad when the MSB is at one (Negative) and happy when it is at zero (Positive)?

Note for Non-CS folks: MSB -> Most Significant Bit, the left-most bit in a binary sequence. Usually, setting it to zero means the number is positive, and setting it to 1 means it is negative.

Measure of Learning: Epiphanies per Session

The measure of code quality is WTFs/minute.

I just realized, after a rather intriguing facebook conversation with Shiva, that the only true measure of learning is Epiphanies per Session.

My latest Epiphany was a couple of days back. And the one before that was a month or so back, when I was ‘pairing’ with Sid. I think the one before that was quite some time back – when I understood the true meaning of closures. And a few “Yes, it is not just me” moments when talking with SriramK.

College is yet to give me a technical one. It has given me a lot of emotional ones though. Maybe someone could chuck the totally pointless part of what we call college (the supposedly technical part (where they give you xeroxes of shittily written programs that often don’t compile and give you a banana if you are able to copy it perfectly on to the screen (a task at which, many CS students fail))) and keep just the useful parts.

2010 – The Beginning, the bicycle ride and external dependencies

I was writing a post on how 2009 ended. Here is the tl;dr version: It was my ‘growing-up’ year in Tech, and ‘roller-coaster’ year in personal stuff. There! I’m certainly significantly wiser at the end of 2009, and that is due more to my state at the beginning of 2009 than at the end :) Good enough

So how did I celebrate? By joining the KPP competition at Kurukshetra. That’s what I did at around 12 on New Year’s. Not intentionally, mind you. Just happened.

Then, on 2nd Jan, I did something interesting. On a whim, I took my bicycle, and rode an hour in traffic. Alone. To Marina Beach.

And then I spent the next hour sitting near the waves. Looking around. Just enjoying myself. And then rode back home, and for the first time in over 4 years, slept before 12.

I did it again the next day. With a friend this time. My knees were already killing me since I practically had no physical activity before this. But I still did it again. My knees would literally kill me now if they had a way to.

I’m happy. Teen Angst has taken a break :)

Let this year be the one when I remove external dependencies on my happiness :)

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