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PyCon 2009 – Are you coming?

Pycon India Logo

I’m going to PyCon India 2009. Are you?

3hours of code & 1 blog post per day

Those are my new goals.

I’ve got a mechanism to track the code accomplishments (will make that public soon), and maybe I’ll write a widget for HiSlain for the blog post/day accomplishment.

I’m liking it so far – 7 hours of code yesterday, along with 2 blog posts. Couldn’t hit my code target today – but am hitting my blog target. I should figure out more ways to make this work better.

Let’s see how much I could stick to it.

Premature Greying

He liked her. Very much. He had never felt like that before. The butterflies in his stomach were beating up a storm. He had never believed in love at first sight. Till he saw her.

Her waitress uniform made her look cuter than ever. He knew he had to ask her out. He drummed up enough courage, went to her and said ‘Hi’.

She turned, gave him a cute smile, and replied ‘Hello uncle, what can I do for you?’

AutoKrish: Because we don’t get enough jilpa

I dig KrishAshok‘s writing. Been lurking there for a long time.

Only problem is, he doesn’t write often. Nor does he tweet often.

Only solution is, ofcourse, to create a bot that writes like him, and another bot that tweets like him.

UPDATE: Some of my favorites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc. Too many to list :)

UPDATE 2: Absolute Ripper

The Automatic Quote Generators (aka AutoPeople)

An Automatic Quote Generator – generates sound bites that almost sound like someone else, and are somtimes funny as hell:

A few of them (@AutoLG & @AutoMona) also have twiwtter bots for them, posting short tweets once every seven minutes.

And ofcourse, I open sourced the code for all this – and made it available on github :)

ABigger, binary heart


New email id

I’ve got a new email id.


Groovy, uh? ;)


He was sitting in class. Bored. He looked around. He saw sixty other people, but felt alone. He stood up, shouted ‘Why am I here?!? This won’t do!’ and walked out of the class, leaving everyone confused and weirded out.

He moved out of the campus, and saw sixty thousand other people. He still felt alone. He realized the problem is not the world, but him. Within the next few hours, the problem went away. Forever.

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