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He was coding.

He was on a bus, and coding. He had bought himself a cute little black Netbook just so he could open up Vim on a bus and code Python. He is a geek. A young, 18 year old typical geek. As typical as your usual geek.

The bus was quite empty. It was late at night, this was proably the last bus for the day, and except the Driver & Conductor, there were probably 4 people on the bus. Including our geek.

That was until she got in.

She was younger than him. And pretty. Not pretty as in a ‘OMG Dude that chick is HAWT!’ pretty, but pretty as in ‘Wow, isn’t she darn beautiful?’ pretty. She looked out of place in that shabby bus, alone at the late hour. Like someone had embedded a beautiful snippet of Python inside a messy tangle of Java written by an ex-VB developer who learnt programming in Turbo C.

He saw her. “Nice hair”, he thought. And went back to coding.

Five silent minutes went past.

“Wow, what a Vim user! In the wild!”

He was startled. He was ‘in the zone’, and when you’re the zone, everything outside your screen is just a blur. The blur slowly started sharpening itself.

He turned back. It was her.


“Your editor? It’s Vim”

“Huh huh?”

“So you’re not a real programmer. Real programmers use emacs


“And real programmers don’t use Python either. We code in C

“Erm, wha? Huh?”

“Yes, C. And Emacs. Vim is for Wimps. You would probably run windows on that thing if you could’ve. You are a total waste of space”

“What the?”

She timed it to perfection. The bus stopped. She got down, blew him a kiss, and went on her merry way.

“Damn! She’s a programmer, a girl, my age, who does emacs vs vim, AND I DIDN’T GET HER NUMBER!”

(Partially inspired by this. It first went off into a wild arc involving a Ruby script written to generate Python code cough, but then I decided against including that)

(And yes, obviously, comments welcome. #novelrace helped me get off my ass and start writing, so I’ll be producing crap for some time now. But still, call crap crap :) )

Isoooo want this on a T-Shirt

I soo want this on a T Shirt. Really. Once I have enough money, I will get this!


Evanescence: Enjoyed best without the Music Vids

Excitement cycle


My shirts went from L to M

My pants went from 40 to 34

I’m awesome :)

Things I need time to do

  • Put on muscle/reduce weight.
  • Master jQuery
  • Learn CSS
  • Process photos and put them up on flickr
  • Put up college’s (awesome) dance videos on Facebook and Youtube
  • Go out more.
  • Fix my glasses. Get ontacts if possible – or change my frames.
  • Write stats posts. Develop goodfather
  • Add a plugin system to HiSlain
  • Publish a paper or two! (yeah, I know)
  • Blog more (duh)
  • Go out more.
  • Learn to bike (of the petrol eating variety, that is)
  • Go out more
  • Photograph more
  • Kick everyone’s ass in studies (I can do that this sem, we have 3 CS papers!)
  • Did I mention I need to get out more?
  • Learn a new language. Java or C++. I’m leaning towards C++.
  • Make my college more awesome than it already is :)
  • Oh, and ofcourse, I need to get out more :)

Hello World, Again!

I’m Yuvi. This is my second blog. My old one has been retired because, well, it’s old! It contained too much ranting. It has content from me since I was 14 – a lot of that is just plain stupid, and a few are even embarassingly inaccurate & naive. You can still possibly checkout the old blog – if I manage to get the content back :)

This new blog will be about me. My Code. .NET. Python. Mono. Maybe some Linux, and perhaps Ruby. My College. Human Stupidity. Fun. My Life. My Pictures. Possibly my Stories. Ofcourse, stuff too short for this will be over at my twitterstream :)

The Statbot is being retired.

I don’t have enough time on my hands to maintain that seperately. I originally wanted to develop StatBot as a brand of it’s own, but I now have no time on my hands to do so. I have an internship coming up (more details later), have another one slated to start in 3 months, and hell just turned down one more! And ofcourse, there is,, and a bunch of other community sites I’m involved in, along with my open source projects.

And ofcourse, I have college life to attend to – and believe me, I’m having tons of fun. Yes, I do have a social life – I never thought I’ll have one till I joined this particular college. I hope to leave the college in a better state than when I entered it, and so am taking an active interest in developing it. And the management is awesome enough to let me help. So that takes up my time too!

I can honestly claim to not have the time to maintain the statbot brand :(

However, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing stats! I <3 stats – I’ve just got a book from my (awesome) college library so I could start learning ‘proper’ statistics instead of just drawing graphs and looking for co-relations. And ofcourse, the code I use for stats (goodfather, named after my awesome friend Rob) is also being actively developed, and is in it’s sixth (and possibly last) rewrite (maybe another blog post some other day about the number of rewrites).

Expect more stats posts. They’ll be on this blog too! I promise!

Blog Platform

This blog runs on code I personally wrote. The first piece of code that I’m using in a ‘production’ environment. I’m pumped! There will be bugs, and I will kill them. One.By.One :)

Okay, back to work now. More blog posts hopefully coming soon!

Optimizing Life

Geeks Optimize Life. True that. I do optimize the short route from when I get down from my college bus to my home, and me and Sudar did have an argument about optimization when we took the train together one day. My argument was that the distance you are going to walk is constant anyway (you either walk it at the station you are boarding the train, or where you are getting down), so moving to the extreme end of the train is pointless. He pointed out that if you walk when you are at the boarding station, you are using your idle time – time spent waiting for train to arrive (kinda like how the CPU can do stuff when waiting for IO to complete). However, time after you reach your destination is not idle time – you are not waiting for anything, so you should minimize the distance you have to walk before you can get out of the station and continue to whatever you have to do next. He was right, so I stfu :)

(Ofcourse, sometimes you want to actually maximize time spent walking – in that case, move to the wrong extreme end, and when (and if) asked, just act confused. Works :)

In the comments there, Rich says that human social interaction/norms are so ineffecient we tend to optimize them out. However, I find that more often than not, it is not that human social interactions are ineffecient – they are just difficult to quantify. We sometimes mistake undefined for zero, and optimize it out. We shouldn’t. Converting null to zero is stupid. I hope I can stop doing that.

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